Alcohol & Drug Offenses

An Aggressive Defense and Help When You Need It

The consequences of a drug or alcohol-related conviction can be severe. The conviction can affect your future employment prospects and driving privileges. Your relationship with your family can also be impacted. For a powerful DUI or drug defense, you need a lawyer who understands how these cases are prosecuted.

At Beth Stanley Law PC, we take your case as seriously as you do. I'm founder Beth Stanley, and I have the experience you need for DUI defense and other controlled substance charges. As a former criminal prosecutor, I know what it takes to effectively defend these cases. Call my Norman office at 405-701-1882 for an appointment today.

Providing Drug and DUI Defense

I can defend you against all drug and alcohol charges, including:

  • DUI and drunk driving
  • Possession of controlled dangerous substances (CDS)
  • Actual physical control
  • Delivery of CDS
  • Obtaining CDS by false pretenses

Preparation Is Critical

A drunk driving or drug charge must be handled correctly from the beginning. I know how to prepare your case and examine the evidence. I will investigate your arrest, the search and discovery and any drug or alcohol tests you were given.

If your case goes to trial, I have the litigation experience to present a clear argument for your defense.

Other Ways We Can Help

If you have a substance abuse problem, I can refer you to rehabilitation professionals so you get the help you need. There are several rehabilitation providers we often work with. Handling a substance abuse problem can help you in the future and may reduce your chances of another arrest for drugs or alcohol.

Because I also practice family law, I understand that if you are going through a divorce, a drug or alcohol charge can complicate matters like custody. I will work to protect your relationship with your family in this situation. Call me for DUI Defense and Drug Charges,

Please call 405-701-1882 or send me an e-mail today. My firm serves people in the Cleveland County, Norman and Oklahoma City area and the entire State of Oklahoma.